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About us

SECURE21 was established by people with a solid background in recruitment and a passion for cybersecurity. Our team brings a wealth of experience in identifying top talent in the cybersecurity space. With a shared passion and vision for driving change within the cybersecurity landscape, we are dedicated to partnering with some of the most innovative and security-conscious companies.

We go beyond the conventional agency model. We view ourselves as strategic partners, seamlessly integrating into your organization's cybersecurity hiring process. We understand the challenges and time difficulties associated with growing a cybersecurity team, and we're here to take on that responsibility. Our commitment extends throughout the entire hiring lifecycle, from the initial engagement to the moment the candidate signs the employment contract.

We recognize that cybersecurity is a rapidly evolving field where staying ahead is key. By choosing SECURE21, you gain a partner that not only understands the importance of cybersecurity but also embraces the responsibility of enhancing your team with skilled professionals efficiently.

Our focus is on delivering a streamlined and effective hiring process, allowing you to divert your attention to other critical aspects of your cybersecurity strategy. We navigate the complexities of cybersecurity talent acquisition and contribute to the ongoing success and security of your organization.

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Areas of Focus








Cyber security engineering



Our Values


Effective communication is a cornerstone of successful collaborations. At our core, we prioritize clear and open lines of communication, recognizing its pivotal role in achieving success. We specifically detail our procedures, illustrating how our approach can be mutually beneficial for both clients and candidates. Our commitment is to deliver advice and support that contributes to the best possible outcome for all parties involved.

Trust & Transparency

We invest time and attention to grasp the unique requirements of both our clients and candidates. Through a thoughtful assessment, we aim to offer optimal solutions that provide success for both parties involved. Our philosophy centres around viewing this as a mutual exchange, wherein a smooth and collaborative process is essential. We understand that building and maintaining this trust is crucial for the success and sustainability of the partnerships we forget

Quality & Efficiency

In our collaborations with companies, we continually seek avenues to enhance the efficiency and quality of the interview process. Recognizing that these processes can be time-consuming for both parties involved, we actively share our expert knowledge to streamline the experience. Our goal is to facilitate a seamless hiring process, enabling you to either redirect your focus to other critical tasks or transition into a new job with greater speed and ease.

What our clients have to say about us

  • “Ollie helped me to find a very good job. He is very enthusiastic and guides you through the whole process. He make sure you are really prepared before every interview. I can truly recommend Ollie!”

  • “Matthew reached me last year about a job opportunity. He really did a good search on the company and my profile, his recommendation was spot-on! He introduced me to the company and then he did thorough follow-up phone calls after each interviews. Really nice process all the way. Thanks again Matthew!”

  • “There is a clarity and rightfulness I appreciate in the process Ollie presents. The dialogue is open, right-on spot, and prepares the next step efficiently. When necessary, he provides excellent and personal support with experience from other clients. The energy and engagement is there to conclude and move forward. I very much appreciate all this.”

Meet our Team

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Ollie Cantwell

Co-Founder & Principal Consultant


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Matthew Nunn

Co-Founder & Principal Consultant


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